First Mini Session

Most of our clients this Easter season were under the age of 8. And many more under the age of 5. There was no lack of excitement when we had a group of them in and getting everyone organized.

I live in a small town so some of these families I knew personally and really wanted to do a good job for them. Lets face it. I have to see them again and I didn't want them so disappointed in their shoot that they would avoid the topic at all further meetings in the post office or church.

After each session I found myself hurrying to the computer to upload the photos and make sure everything went well. And it did!

I personally love getting down to a kids eye level. Shots made from above their heads make me cringe. I want to SEE this child. Experience his or her life at her level.

I had about 3 to 4 different poses in mind before I began so I didn't have to pause and think. This preparation is so important.

Two challenges I learned from was children who were very shy and children who were very active.

It took some time and patience to allow the shy children space to feel safe in the studio room. Everything is new to them. They're not really sure what all the equipment is or does. Why must they sit there? Who is this person? And so on...

Active children on the other hand can give some of the best photos. If you can catch them with your lens. The wonderfully quirky attitudes of our wild childs' come out all on camera and it makes it look like life is worth living again!

This little tyke would not sit. Nope not for anything. His parents tried so hard to persuade him. I had almost lost hope of getting this guy photographed. But just at the end he comes running in the room and what's this?? Dancing to music! and right on the backdrop!! My prayers are answered and I move in quick with the camera!

Babies. Oh yes there were babies. Cuteness and bows and dresses!

And last we had teenagers. A whole family of teens! You would think they would be the very easiest to photograph. But it had all its own challenges. Espeically when you've been working with clients half their size all day. Its a complete change in mentality for that hour.

I want to make a teen look mature, or beautiful or playful. But not cute and cuddly like my last clients. The poses change slightly and we carry on. I took more photos with them than any of the others because I wasn't sure what would look best.

In the end it was the same though. Eye level contact. See the world at where they are. Make a connection.

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