Happy New Year 2020

What are your plans for New Years 2020? Do you have any? Have you had this night of fun and magic in mind for months? Bought tickets to a special gala and set aside your beautiful attire? Or decided to host at your home and invites some friends and colleges to come and share the event with you.

Either way, you can be sure it will be a memorable night where somewhere off in New York the classic ball drop will happen and in this day-in-age we can watch it happen live from various portable devices.

This year I'll be hosting at my home with friends and family, good food and drink and probably chatter and board games. Nevertheless I'll encourage my family to dress up a little for the event. But why?

I know, like all of you do, that we'll all be posting pictures. Pictures on Facebook and Instagram and all those social media outlets we go to to let others know our well wishes and as a kind of photo diary that we keep.

I was reminded tonight of an event I covered this summer. A woman called me looking for a photographer to cover a birthday party for her husband. Even though she had taken photos of these events in the past she just wanted the freedom to enjoy the party. To top it off she had created a photo booth. All she wanted was for me to cover the photo booth and maybe some pictures around the event. Wow, I couldn't be happier. The fact that she had set up a photo booth with props already made my job piles easier. I was glad to help and personalized her price package because she had already done some of the work for me.

When I arrived I found a sturdy wood board backdrop and lots of fun props like hats and little cut out moustaches and lips on sticks. As people arrived I encouraged them to step up and get their fun photos taken. It was a great time for everyone.

With New Years coming and in some ways not wanting to be the photographer in my own home I've considered setting up my own photobooth for family and friends to use.

A photo booth can easily be set up with a couple items around your own home.

First, find a sheet of some kind. Could be white or dark. Try to avoid patterns and fitted sheets. Curtains are also good

Next, Some clothes pins and a strong string. or be creative and hang it up.

Pinterest has fantastic ideas about props and backdrops

A seat of some kind. Unusual ones or luxury looking small couches are nice.

And finally some lighting. Maybe you're not some pro with expensive studio lights. No worries. Put some lamps around, some Christmas lights, jars with battery operated candles. Whatever brightens up the area.

And finally a sign to invite your guests to take a seat and have some fun with their photos. Get them to post them with a hashtag to your party that you thought up.

Either way you do it, get out there and have a great night. If you do set up a booth from this post hashtag #erinwilkinsphotography so I can see what you came up with.

Happy New Year my friends!

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