My Secret Places

Once in a while as a photographer you run across these really amazing places. The people your travelling with may enjoy the scenery but they don't entirely know how incredible the lighting is. How perfect the backdrop is. How, if I just could pair the right subject this could be a match made in photography heaven.

Like a secret fishing hole I never mention it to other photographers. I never bring my photo friend out for a fun day of shooting. And I may not even let my husband know how special it really is...but I'm sure he knows by the look on my face and the super slow walk I'm having through the rays of sunlight shooting through the trees while watching the wind brush softly through the willows...

I digress.

These simple little places I hold aside and wait for just the right client. The perfect family that I simply love and want to impress. They are secret jewels of places that I find. I would use my own family if I knew they wouldn't mess it all up by being themselves. Running, fighting and pouting and then crying because "he's looking at me... he's copying me mom".

Alas, some Other family. Some family that I just know will truly fit perfectly into this perfect secret place.

SO, here they are. The perfect family example in a secret place I found around home. Is it not perfect? I barely had to photoshop anything on this. They just looked amazing!

And my family at the very same place moving rocks around. Not as perfect and glamourous.

The truth is that what is beautiful is usually not what is familiar. When we look at other peoples family photos we tend to ooo and ahhh over them but if we had the exact same photographer bring us to the same perfect place we will often not think as highly of the photos based on the fact that we are "familiar" with ourselves and how we look.

Its also important to note that whatever mood we are in when we get our photos done will also resonate with the feeling we have when we see the photos again. So if we were having fun then the photos will always bring an sense of a "fun time" in our lives. But if we were struggling with children, clothing or stress, that too will be what we remember when we see the photo. Not how beautiful it really is.

Here are 3 things you can do to prepare for the best photos ever.

1.Prepare yourself to be your best. Show up with your makeup done and clothes you feel good in. If you "feel" uncomfortable in those clothes, you will remember that later. Choose good looking, comfortable clothing for family photos.

2.Don't worry if your kids are acting up. Know that EVERY kid acts up right before a photo session. Allowing your child to play at a playground beforehand if possible will certainly help Even better, plan a lifestyle family photo session where you get family photos of you actually playing with your children, such as at a splash pad later in the day or out in a field with a ball. Forcing our kids to pose without play is the worst kind of photos. Most kids will pose easily after a play session with their parents for those "together shots".

3. Enjoy the journey. Your probably getting photos done because its a big life event or just to capture the time in life you are at. Choose a style that best suits you and your family and go with it. Don't conform to what every other family or bride and groom did. Suggest what kind of photo style your into and have fun with it!

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