The DeGelder Wedding 2020

It would be amiss if I didn't say that the weddings of 2020 are unique. Quaint if I may put it that way. Almost with the atmosphere that weddings have needed to have and did have about 50 years ago when they were not the large outlandish occasions we have today. That "today" being..last year. But this year is different.

With the bridal parties that have decided to take the leap into marital bliss, regardless of social distancing and legal restrictions, I've noticed a sigh of relief and maybe even an ounce of fun as they say their "I do's".

This particular couple was no different. As we all gathered at the church, a small group of essential people, there was a lightness in the air. Everyone gathered around including the bride and groom who had no rules now about seeing each other before the ceremony. Simply but suitably dressed they held hands and knew that today was their special day.

It began with the theme entrance of "Darth Vader" music for the bride to come down the isle. As the photographer I laughed and that was ok, because today was a day of letting loose and enjoying the moment.

The pastor set easily into his message of love for each other and Christ's love for the church. He was occasionally interrupted with a few bantering comments from the bridal party or parents. There was no one to be embarrassed around. Just this intimate group.

I felt privileged, as I always do in weddings, to be part of this couples special day. But especially privileged to be part of this very small group of people to see this moment.

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